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Crips/CrippleWe are the National CSI consulting and training specialist. We are a National and International consulting firm addressing timely issues. We specialize in Cultural Diversity, Violent Street Gangs, Domestic Terrorist, Youth Violence, Weapons on Campus, Bullying, Youth and community motivation.  We are often requested to address: community concerns. Our Clients are: Law Enforcement, Educators, Parole, Probation, Corrections, Community Organizations, Social Service Groups, Senior Citizens, Business Community, Concerned Youth, Faith-Based Organizations

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Facts - Crips

  • Originated in Los Angeles in the late 60s
  • Migrated throughout the United States
  • Generally align with Folk Nation sets
  • Extremely violent
  • Multiracial
  • Identifiers/symbols:
    • the color blue
    • blue bandannas and rags
    • use the letter "c" in place of "b" in writing in disrespect for Bloods
    • calling each other "Cuzz"
    • calling themselves "Blood Killas" (BK)
    • wearing British Knight (BK) tennis shoes
Crips graffiti Crips graffiti Graffiti of the word CRIP


Gangs are not a new phenomena.  History is full of notations of gangs.  The United States has had it fair share of notorious criminal gangs.  The East coast of the United States had its Irish and Italian gangs.  San Francisco has had its Chinese tongs.  Los Angeles had it's famous "Zoot Suit Riots" between Hispanics and sailors in the early 1940's. 

    The Names of two gangs, however. strike fear into the hearts of many a parent.  They evoke the fear that used to be occur when it was rumored that the James Boys, or the Clantons or Cohise was coming to the area.

    CRIPS AND BLOODS.  Two gangs that started in Los Angeles, California.  According to Stanley "Tookie" Williams (see Tookies Corner) the Crips were originated by himself,  Raymond Washington and several others as a means to protect their neighborhood against criminal street gangs.  It is generally agreed that the Crips were formed in the area around Washington High School in South Central Los Angeles, in 1971.

    Although generically known by the name Crips, it is not one big gang.  It is a collection of numerous "sets".  Each set is a gang in it's own right and takes it name from the geographical area in which it started.  Thus there are the Fruittown Crips from an area where the streets have the names of various fruits, the Rolling 60's (61st St, 62nd St, etc.).  Some of the sets add such terms as "gangster" to seem even more intimidating to the common person.

    Just because a set belongs to the Crips does not mean that they get along with all other Crip sets.  Freud's, downright wars, regularly erupt between sets of Crips over some real, perceived or historical insult.   One of these wars lead to the creation of the terms "East coast" and "West coast" in the gang lexicon.

    Everyone familiar with the Los Angeles basin, or who can look at a street map of the area, knows that the Harbor Freeway (Interstate 110) bisects the area from Los Angeles to the coast.  During one period of conflict Crips on the West side of the freeway banded together against sets on the East side of the Freeway.  Someone coined the term "West Coast" to describe the sets west of the freeway and "East Coast" for those east of it.  (Members of East coast sets tend to wear clothing from east coast Universities, such Georgetown.  Please see Crips/Folks Gang Clothing and Meanings

    The common enemy of all Crips are the Bloods.   Although there have periods of time where a truce between the two gangs have existed they seldom last long.  Personal enmities, past insults, and challenges often rise up and what starts off between two people, grows to include their sets, and then the overall gang.  (It's hard to forgive and forget those who have shot at, wounded or killed your home boys and/or family members.)

   Crips "claim the color blue" and will not wear the color red (in most instances.)  When writing they will not use the letter "B" if at all possible.  If they have to use it for some reason it is "X"'d out.

    While the Crips have always been involved in illegal activities they have become deeply involved in the business of distributing and selling illegal drugs.  According to Federal investigative agencies this involvement includes everything from street level sales to the importation of huge quantities of cocaine, to the manufacture and transportation of "crack".

    The number of gang related murders in Los Angeles (both in the City and County areas) lead to a massive crackdown by the Los Angeles authorities to put extreme pressure on known gang members.  If evidence couldn't be found to sustain an arrest they were "encouraged" to move.  This and the need to find new markets for their drug sales have resulted in the Crips nationwide.   (It is also reported that Crips gangs are present in various other countries including Canada and Europe.)

    In this expansion the Crips have formed alliances with the Folk and Gangster Disciples gangs, both from the Chicago area.

    (Although no material was directly copied in the preparation of this page the following was used for reference purposes:  Los Angeles County Probation Dept.'s Gang Handouts, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept.'s Gang Training materials, Los Angeles Police Dept. Gang Training materials, "Monster" by Kody Scott, "Gangsters: Fifty years of Madness, Drugs and Death on the Streets of America" by Lewis Yablonski (one of my old professors at Cal State, Northridge), "Crips: The story of the L.A. Street Gangs 1971-1985" by Donald Bakeer, "South Central Los Angeles Crips" by Donald Bakeer, other titles available on request.)

Two pages that are highly recommended are CRIPS AND BLOODS and Tookies Corner. Tookie is a founding member of the Crips and has good some information. Tookie is currently in the California State Prison system. Raymond Washington one of the other founders was killed in a gang related shooting in Los Angeles. 

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