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Diversity Train the TrainerWe are the National CSI consulting and training specialist. We are a National and International consulting firm addressing timely issues. We specialize in Cultural Diversity, Violent Street Gangs, Domestic Terrorist, Youth Violence, Weapons on Campus, Bullying, Youth and community motivation.  We are often requested to address: community concerns. Our Clients are: Law Enforcement, Educators, Parole, Probation, Corrections, Community Organizations, Social Service Groups, Senior Citizens, Business Community, Concerned Youth, Faith-Based Organizations

Most Requested Topics Gang Prevention School Violence Addressing School Violence Emergency Assessment Diversity Train the Trainer

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Definition of Diversity
        The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect.
It means understanding that each individual is unique,
and recognizing our individual differences.  These can be along
the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs,
political beliefs, or other ideologies.  It is the exploration
of these differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment.
It is about understanding each other and moving beyond
simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the
rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.

If you are unkind, You're the wrong kind

On every step of our journey through life, each one of us carries the perspective of our age, color, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, disability and spiritual beliefs. We can choose to see these difference as divisions which keep us divided or we can choose to see diversity as a tapestry sown together in ever changing colors and designed. If we truly care about children and people like we say we do and if we truly wish to make a difference in the lives of children and people, like we say we do, then we need to touch flesh; whereby we are talking to each other and not at each other. We are listening to each other and not at each other. We forgive from our heart trusting God and moving forward.  In order for me to truly make it in life, I need you to survive.

I truly believe the children are the future, so lets teach them well and allow them to lead the way. Show them all the beauty they posses inside. Give them a since of pride. To make it easier, let the children's laughter remind us of how we use to be.


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Diversity More Than a Buzzword

What is diversity about? Change? Work and family issues? Experience? Different points of view? Age? Assumptions? Race? Gender? Sexual orientation? Disability? Personal style?



As the American workforce continues to reflect our increasingly diverse population, organizations must make diversity more than a buzzword or a recruiting tactic. There is no specific diversity training required by law. However, best practices indicate that diversity training is essential given today’s increasingly diverse workforce.

Each of us carries with us through life the perspective of our age, color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability or disability. We can choose to see this difference as divisions which keep us separated or we can chose to see diversity as a tapestry woven together in ever changing colors and designs. So, if we will care about people (children) like we say we do! If we really want to make a positive difference in the lives of people (children) like we say we do, than we need to touch flash, whereby we are talking to each other and not at each other. Stay focus and always look for the bigger picture.


This outline provides a brief description of each session and a sample of the resource materials needed. The trainer is expected to use his knowledge to supplement and enrich the content of each session. The workshop goals and agenda should remain the same, even if the content information is modified.


This training supports Employees, and Employers who work with co-workers, supervisors, administrators, those with disabilities and those who are perceived as different. Our purpose is to enhancing their knowledge and skills in working together to plan and implement strategies appropriate for the workplace. A perspective on perception vs. reality, understand racism, those with disabilities and diversity will be a major focus of this training.


 By the conclusion of this symposium, participants will be able to:

  •  Describe issues, perceptions, trends, and roles pertaining to perception and diversity and the implications for anti crime programs and police

  • Recognize the beauty of diversity in the work place;

  • Discuss factors that contribute to misunderstanding of cultural, religion, disability and sexual orientation that impact on the victim and community;

  • Empowering employees and supervisors in how to plan and implement prevention strategies; and

  • Understand the importance of establishing partnerships between employees and supervisors.

  • Discuss and presenting a true understanding of Quotes and Affirmative Action

  • Recognize and discuss the impact of perception vs. reality in the work place.


A description of the purpose, goals, and agenda of the technical workshop (interactive ).

 Subsequent sections of the outline correspond to the individual sessions of the workshop, providing the information necessary to understand and facilitate each session.  


 For each of the two core sessions of the workshop the following materials are included:

 1.     Overview of the session

 The overview outline specifies specific training objectives.

 2.     Objective of the Session

 These state specifically what is to be achieved in each session by indicating what participants should be able to do as a result of their participation.

3.     Session outline

 This outline provides detailed instructions for carrying out each program activity. The lead trainer and small group facilitators will use this to understand specific responsibilities and prepare for the session.

 Each session description includes:

·        the training activities in the order in which they occur

·        the time allocated for each activity

·        the purpose of each activity

·        description of each activity and instructions for implementing it

·        TRAINER NOTES:  additional points for trainer (s) to consider as they facilitate the session

 4.     Specific materials relevant for each session

 These may include handouts, instruments or instructions for role plays, case studies or other activities.

 5.     Resource Materials

 This section provides content materials to be used by trainers in papering lecture notes for their presentations or as background information for the session.


 The design of all training sessions has been based on adult learning principles and reflects a participatory approach to training. While different training activities are used in different sessions, a general training structure has been used in designing each session. 

This includes:

 ·         Climate setting, introduction.

 Activities occurring at the beginning of a session to set the tone an establish the intent of the session.

 ·         Lectures (Interactive Lectures)

 Brief presentations of information for participants to consider and work with during the session are used in conjunction with other training activities.

 ·         Large group discussions

An activity used to pull ideas and information from participants. At times it will be important to record their responses on flip charts for further use, at other times it will be more important to let participants freely discuss an issue or respond to a question.

·         Small group discussions.

Activities designed to have participants practice skills or share ideas. These activities always include four components:

a. Introduction and directions - stating the intent of the activity and providing clear instructions for carrying out the assigned task.

 b. Small group activity - allowing time for participants to complete the activity, with the needed assistance from small group facilitators.

 c. Small group reporting- allowing time for participants to present the results of their small group activities to the other small groups.

 d. Processing of the exercise - leading a group discussion of what participants learned from the activity, their thoughts, feelings, and reactions regarding the activity.

  ·        Generalizing from the session.

 Leading a group discussion of what participants learned during the session.

 ·        Application of information from the session.

 Time allotted for participants to consider how they can apply what they have learned to their own programs. This can be done individually (participants recording their thoughts and plans for application on the sheets labeled "Thoughts For Back Home" or in a group discussion.

 ·        Closure -

Throughout our training we welcome questions and answers as well as feedback.

 This is a full day training session.

With each of our diversity programs, follow up is required by the hosting agency/company.

 Our instructors have been recognized nationally and internationally as dynamic speakers and presenters who have experienced phenomenal success in motivating youth and educating professionals. Their electrifying style of presenting has made them one of the countries most sought after speakers.

Our instructors has been recognized as one of the country’s leading experts in the field of Youth Motivation, Gangs, Youth Violence, Bias Crimes, School Violence, intervention and prevention and cultural diversity and alternative solutions.

Contact Information

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at the below number. Also feel free to leave a detailed message.


(732) 922-4525 or  (732) 889-6670


(732) 922-4514

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