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Latin KingsWe are the National CSI consulting and training specialist. We are a National and International consulting firm addressing timely issues. We specialize in Cultural Diversity, Violent Street Gangs, Domestic Terrorist, Youth Violence, Weapons on Campus, Bullying, Youth and community motivation.  We are often requested to address: community concerns. Our Clients are: Law Enforcement, Educators, Parole, Probation, Corrections, Community Organizations, Social Service Groups, Senior Citizens, Business Community, Concerned Youth, Faith-Based Organizations

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The Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation (ALKQN) was started in Chicago, Illinois, during the 1940's by a group of individuals of Hispanic descent. Their alleged motivation for forming this group was an attempt at overcoming the prejudices they faced. They wanted to rise above the racism and create an organization of so-called Kings equipped to fight off injustice to better themselves and their communities. Their lives would, thus, be fulfilled. Oddly enough, most of its members were already incarcerated on serious criminal charges. Inevitably, the ALKN became one of Chicago's largest and most violent street gangs.

To be a member of the Latin Kings, an individual must have a Latin bloodline. While most of the members were Puerto Rican, a Latin King could be Spanish, Caribbean, Latvian, Italian, Portuguese, or South American. As time went on, the purity of a member's breeding was not as significant as the need to create a large membership. Other ethnic groups were allowed membership. Power in numbers became the goal. The Latin Kings membership remains mostly Hispanic.


During the 1980's, Felix Millet and Nelson Millan, two inmates in the Connecticut prison system, created the Almighty Latin King Nation of Connecticut. They fine tuned the concept of the Chicago Latin Kings and created a well-written King Manifesto. This manifesto was their rules, procedures and concept guide. It explained Kingism. It was well written and carefully contemplated. The word of Millet and Millan spread through the Connecticut prison system rapidly. Soon the Latin Kings, also called the Almighty Latin Charter Nation, became the largest gang in Connecticut.

In 1986, Luis Felipe, calling himself King Blood, took the Connecticut King Manifesto and added a few of his own writings and prayers. He formed the Almighty Latin King Nation of New York State at the Collins Correctional Institution. He was serving a lengthy sentence for attempting to kill his live-in girlfriend. Within a few years, the Latin Kings spread through the New York State Prison system and onto the streets. New York City, by the early 1990's had several hundred members which grew into the thousands throughout New York State and nearby New Jersey by the mid 1990's.

Although Felipe was incarcerated, he produced many loyal Latin Kings whom, upon release from prison, hit the streets and recruited. These loyal soldiers established chapters throughout New York, New Jersey and certain areas of Pennsylvania. These chapters were called tribes and used animal names, such as Tiger Tribe, Wolf Tribe and Lion Tribe to label the different chapters. Each chapter maintained their own hierarchical structure. The leader was the Primero Corona (First Crown), the second in command was the Segundo Corona or second crown, the third crown was the Warlord or enforcer, the fourth crown was the Counselor who conducted the Latin King Training lessons, and the fifth crown was the treasurer who collected the weekly dues and fines.

By 1994, New York City experienced the reality of the Latin Kings. They were the most violent and largest street gang New York City had ever seen. By 1995, the Latin Kings were subject of a massive RICO (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization) investigation being conducted by the United States Attorney's Office, FBI-New York and the NYPD. It resulted in the arrest of several dozen members of the Latin Kings on a multitude of charges from Arson to Murder. The Latin Kings were found to be connected with dozens of murders, kidnapping, drug dealing and assaults as usual gang business. All defendants but one, Luis Felipe, plead guilty. After trial, Luis Felipe was sentenced to life in prison with no parole.

In 1996, the new leader of the Latin Kings in New York, which seemed to be spearheading other East Coast Latin King chapters, was Antonio "King Tone" Fernandez. Fernandez attempted to polish the image of the Latin Kings by the use of the media, selected sympathizers and political organizations. He advocated the Latin Kings as a brotherhood of men and woman attempting to better their lives and communities through unity and education. As Fernandez went on a mass media spree of propaganda, the NYPD and Brooklyn District Attorney's Office targeted Fernandez and the Latin Kings.

By 1999, this joint investigation which now included the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office, United States Attorney's Office, Bronx District Attorney's Office, FBI and the NYPD, labeled Operation Crown, resulted in the arrest of over one hundred (100) members of the Latin Kings in New York and New Jersey, including King Tone. The charges included conspiracy to distribute narcotics, narcotics possession, weapons possession and murder. In February 1999, Antonio “King Tone" Fernandez plead guilty to charges related to this arrest and denounced the Latin Kings in a Federal Courtroom in Brooklyn.

Today, the Latin Kings on the East Coast remain loosely connected to the Chicago chapters. The Latin King Nation struggles for unity and is finding it difficult to reorganize to previous quality.

The Latin Kings are the oldest and largest Hispanic street gang which has its roots dating back to 1940 in Chicago, Illinois. Originally, this gang formed small coalitions to protect and preserve their identity of their culture and aspired to the personal, social, and economic needs of its people.

Fearing verbal, mental, and physical attacks by their American counterparts, various coalitions, strike back groups, and traditional street gangs developed. Their main desire originally was to protect their neighborhoods or turf. Occasionally, they would do battle with rival gangs. During these battles, the Latin Kings developed a reputation as a very violent street gang.

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 Kings developed a reputation as a very violent street gang.


L - Love K - Kingdom
A - All I - Inspiration
T - Those N - Nation
I - In G - Govern
N - Nation
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" Cowards die many times before their death, Latin Kings never taste death ..but. once...
(Amor De Rey)


The Almighty Latin Kings Nation

Since it's founding, in Chicago Illinois, back in the early 60's the Almighty Latin Kings Nation has been labeled one of the most organized, violent and powerful criminal organization in existence. Our Leaders have been sentenced to ungodly and unconstitutional punishments, kept our brothers and sisters incarcerated as political prisoners, beaten, killed and harassed our people, and almost every other heinous atrocity you can imagine. We have been subjected to tortures such as these, not because we are evil people, but because we preach the truth. We teach the you that there is a great conspiracy going on by the powers that be to keep us in the social yoke of slavery ignorance & oppression. We teach that there is a great difference between the real history and the euro centric his - story taught in the public school system. What they fail to realize is that no matter what happens, the Black and Gold will never grow old!!

Despite the continuing efforts to break our Nation, the Almighty Kings and Queens have spread our religion of Kingism to all 50 of the united states, we also have established chapters in Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, The Dominican Republic, Europe, and many other regions. Our oppressors have grown more devious cunning and their hatred and fear of the Black and Gold power has skyrocketed since we moved on a more political level and built alliances with other prominent organizations. They have our Jefes locked down in solitary confinement in an effort to break their wills and drive them crazy. Through it all, the true Kings and Queens have stayed strong, waiting, anticipating our day. Our destiny is to rise above all this, to bring unity to our people and make all realize what time it is, its Nation Time!! Time for a new beginning, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. May there be peace in Black and Gold!! Kings Love worldwide, three hundred and sixty degrees of strength unity and understanding... It's a Kings world, all you others imposters trying to play the role cant get with the Kings, bow down in recognition, we are the royalty... Amor De Rey King Merlin Ma. State Lion Tribe  

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