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Drugs TodayWe are the National CSI consulting and training specialist. We are a National and International consulting firm addressing timely issues. We specialize in Cultural Diversity, Violent Street Gangs, Domestic Terrorist, Youth Violence, Weapons on Campus, Bullying, Youth and community motivation.  We are often requested to address: community concerns. Our Clients are: Law Enforcement, Educators, Parole, Probation, Corrections, Community Organizations, Social Service Groups, Senior Citizens, Business Community, Concerned Youth, Faith-Based Organizations

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$Drugs and Violence Today$

Drugs herein shall be define as:


Grass, Pot, Weed and Gangi are slang names for marijuana. This drug is made from the plaint cannabis sativa, a mind altering drug.


LSD and PCP are drugs that affect a person's perception, sensations, thinking, self awareness, and emotions. These drugs, in part come from a natural source, along with mescaline from the peyote cactus plant. (LSD-DMT) are manufactured synthetically.


Rock, Crack-freebase - a bitter crystalline alkaloid obtained from the coca leaves. Used as a local anesthetic, can become a psychological addiction. May cause heart attacks, seizures, high blood pressure (stroke), lung damage, depression paranoia and nasal problems.


A narcotic physically addictive drug. A depressant produced from the poppy plant. It can be most deadly.

Special K:

The cat tranquilizer (ketamine) causes hallucinations, delirium, respiratory problems and, in some cases, death.

Roofies (Rohypnol):

A powerful tranquilizer, imported from Columbia and Mexico. Popular among high school and college students, this tranquilizer is 10-20 times stronger than Valium. It is referred to as the "date-rape" drug.


Breathable chemicals that produce (psychoactive mind altering) vapors. They include aerosols, solvents, and some anesthetics and other chemicals. Ex., Airplane glue, nail polish remover, lighter and cleaning fluids, gas, paint thinner, liquid paper correction fluids, nitrous oxide, amyl nitrate, and botalyl nitrate. These chemicals can be deadly.

Employing a Juvenile in a Drug Distribution Scheme:

Any person being at least 18 years of age who knowingly uses, solicits, directs, hires or employees a person 17 years of age or younger to violate state law addressing the employing a juvenile in a Drug Distribution Scheme shall be guilty of a crime and shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment which shall include the imposition of a minimum term which shall be fixed at, or between, one-third and one-half of the sentence imposed, or five years, which ever  is greater, during which the defendant shall be ineligible for parole.

The court may also impose a fine not to exceed $300,000.00 or three times the street value of the controlled dangerous substance or controlled substance analog involved, which ever is greater.

Distributing Drugs On School Property:

The law reads, Any person who distributes, dispenses, or possesses with the intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance or controlled dangerous substance analog while on any school property used for school purposes which is owned or leased to any elementary or secondary school or school board purposes within 1000 feet of any property or school bus, or while on any school bus, is guilty of a crime of the third degree and shall be sentenced by the court to a term of imprisonment.

Mandatory Forfeiture of Postponement of Driving Privileges:

This statue deals with the mandatory forfeiture of postponement of driving privileges for anyone convicted of any drugs offense be it indictable or disorderly person in nature.

The law requires that a person lose his/her license for a minimum of six (6) months and a maximum of two (2) years. If the person has not yet attained his/her driver's license, his or her right to do so will postponed for 6 months to two  (2) years. This section also applies to motorized bicycles.

The person and or persons involved may also lose their vehicle and or home. The fact that they maybe staying in public housing with a family member will not stop a procedure from gong forward in having them and the family member removed from that dwelling.

Drugs in School:

Students cited involvement with drugs and alcohol as the third major factor contributing to school violence. Those who reported the availability of drugs in school did not vary significantly by ethnicity, level of family income, or geographic location (U.S. Department of Justice, 1991). Although reports indicate that the use of drugs such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and crack is down among students in grades 6-12, the consumption of alcohol is not. Alcohol is the number one drug used by teenagers and young adults.

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