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NETASWe are the National CSI consulting and training specialist. We are a National and International consulting firm addressing timely issues. We specialize in Cultural Diversity, Violent Street Gangs, Domestic Terrorist, Youth Violence, Weapons on Campus, Bullying, Youth and community motivation.  We are often requested to address: community concerns. Our Clients are: Law Enforcement, Educators, Parole, Probation, Corrections, Community Organizations, Social Service Groups, Senior Citizens, Business Community, Concerned Youth, Faith-Based Organizations

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 Carlos "La Sombra" Torres-Irriarte created the Neta's while serving time in the Rio Pedras Prison in Puerto Rico in 1970. He started the gang to stop the feuding gangs in prison. In Puetro Rico when a baby is born traditional Puerto Ricans would exult "Neta, Neta!" Carlos used the name for his newly formed organization. Some believe that Neta stands for Never Tolerate Abuse. Neta stresses national Puerto Rican pride.

Members identify with the colors red, white and blue. Black is sometimes substituted for blue. These colors can be seen in their bead necklaces and their clothing. Probationary members wear all white beads until they are considered loyal; then, they can wear black beads among the white, plus one red one. Members usually display the Puerto Rican flag and are known to carry Neta identification cards. The Neta emblem is a heart pierced by two crossing Puerto Rican flags with a shackled right hand with the middle and index fingers crossed. Members salute each other by holding the crossed fingers of their right hand over their heart. This hand signal has the meaning "N" in sign language; it also means togetherness and unity.

The Netas have a stronghold in large cities across the United States. Their presence can be found in most correctional institutions across the county and in Puerto Rico.

Although members commonly engage in criminal activity for the benefit of the gang, they use the fa硤e that the group is merely a cultural organization. They have strong ties to several other street gangs and many members also claim allegiance to Los Macheteros, a revolutionary group fighting for independence of Puerto Rico. Members see themselves as oppressed people who are unwillingly to be governed by the United States. Any disrespect shown to an individual Neta member is looked upon as disrespect to the group and is usually dealt with violently. Members are required to procure 20 perspective recruits and all come together in observance of their fallen members on the 30th of each month.

An important date for the Neta gang is approaching. March 30th is "El Grito Neta". This is a solemn remembrance by the Neta's of the death of their founder, Carlos Torres IRIARTE, AKA: LA SOMBRA. The Neta's always meet on the 30th of each month, however, March 30th has special significance because it is the actual anniversary of "Carlito's" death. The days just before and after this special date may be very active for this group.


In the last few years the ѥtas have grown rapidly into several chapters...You will never get a straight answer from any of them.. they run each chapter like a fraternal order or lodge.. Their sworn to secrecy.. any member who violates thief codes or rules will be severely punished. The original group was started in Puerto Rico at a prison called "OSO BLANCO" WhiteBear it's located near San Juan the Capitol...During the 70's and 80's the judicial system was very unstable on the island due to widespread of corruption within the government agencies. The inmates who were doing life, thought of different ways to run the jails.. from inside so they united.


Primary colors of the ѥtas is red, black and white--but can substitute the white for yellow (gold) plastic beads. the meanings of the "colors" of the ѥtas is:
White - Peace,
Black - Mourning,
Red - Blood - blood shed by our brothers.

ѥtas take anyone as far as race, creed, nationality, sexual orientation probanly just to get the numbers. ѥtas are organized, almost self contained, they take of their own. However due to the fact that they let anyone join they can be very violent, unstable and not trustworthy. They are very secretive, the dead give away is the black, white and red beads with a crucifix that they wear. They throw signs, the greeting sign is middle finger crossed over the pointer finger, the index and pinky pressed into the palm, with the thumb on top of the index finger. This is placed on the chest over the heart, middle finger and pointer are kissed and they normally say
"corazon" meaning from the heart.

"ѥtas rules" are as followed:

1) If some one gives you a message, take it.
2) Don't gas no one. Or anything up.
3) Don't provoke the police or don't provoke any situation that will compromise us. If you do it. Suffer the consequences.
4) Watch and respect your leaders and their decisions.
5) Respect the count when it's call.

If you fail on one of these rules, we will deal with you accordingly. Keep them in mind and heart forever.

Fight, share, progress and live in harmony Association






ASSOCIATION "NETA" History of the Cause: Unity-Peace-Harmony-Education-Respect For many years, inmate rights were being violated in all Puerto Rican jails.This went uncontrolled until the late 1970's when the Neta Association was born in 1979. The pro-inmate rights association,"Neta", was founded by Carlos Torres Irriarte-AKA "La Sombra" which means "The SHADOW". He would see how inmate rights were being violated by the administration and other inmates known as "Insects". Many inmates were robbed, stabbed, abused, raped, and even killed. "La Sombra" tried to educate and open the inmate's eyes to what was going on. He taught them the only way to end the abuse was to unite in peace and harmony and to be willing to fight for it. Carlos and his Neta warriors shed their own blood fighting for peace and harmony, and respect that we have in the Puerto Rican jails today. "La Sombra" was shot in the head and killed by the "Insects" on March 30,1981, but his Neta warriors continued to fight until they were victorious in the jail war. The Association has come to the United States jails to put an end to the violation of rights that are being committed here also. The word "Neta" is screamed out 3 times with pride by a family in Puerto Rico to celebrate the birth of a child.

Today we scream "NETA!" 3 times to honor "La Sombra", and the rest of our Neta brothers who have died for the movement. The Neta Association was organized to stop the violation of all inmate's rights, and we respect all races, sexes, cultures,and religious beliefs. This means that no matter which race, religion, creed, or sex you are, you are welcome to the Neta Association as long as you are humble, respect your fellow inmate's rights, and have a good heart. Troublemakers, abusers, and people who try to be slick, are not welcome into this association. We have rules, principals, and ideals, which we respect and live by. "Unless we learn to live together as brothers we will surely die apart as fools."

It is time to stop the abuse and violation of our rights. We have to stop those who like to take advantage of others. It is our duty to educate them and show them what they are doing is wrong. If they do not pay heed to this, they can be 100% sure that they will feel the full weight of the association. The only way we can do this is to unite in peace and harmony because "united we stand, but divided we fall!" We know soon we will have to fight for our beliefs because we are Neta Warriors, and we give respect to get respect. Fight to Share, Progress,and live in Harmony. NETA ASSOCIATION NETA!! NETA!!

1) Don't steal
2) Don't see your fellow man as a woman unless he feels like one.
3) Don't spread gossip.
4) Don't call you fellow man a snitch without papers. And if you have them use the proper channels.
5) Don't use a weapon against your fellow man. If you do it will be used against you.
6) Ask for a green light only when necessary, in case of problem.
7) Street beef is street beef. The beef is dead in jail.
8) Don't play head games with your family, or hand games.
9) Respect your family's visit.
10) Don't curse your family's mother, respect all family and friends. All loved ones are sacred.
11) Respect your family's sleep. Respect the rules of silence.
12) Don't fight with your family.
13) Don't make your family to cop-out.
14) Don't use these words on your family: snitch, slick, sate, insect, cocksucker, son of a whore, or son of a bitch.
15) Watch your personal hygiene. Respect the rules of cleanliness, it is our health that is at stake.
16) Respect all races and religious beliefs.
17) Don't sweat or clock your family's conversation. If you are not called or invited, step off.
18) If you owe something, pay. If you think you can't pay, don't borrow.
19) If you have to talk to the police. Take someone with you. "Witness".
20) If you get high, don't show it in front of the adman. High you can't talk in meeting or take messages.
21) If someone gives you a message, take it.
22) Don't gas no one or anything up.
23) Don't provoke the police or any situation that might compromise us. If you do, suffer the consequence.
24) Watch and respect your leaders and their decisions.


1) Respect our land and flag.
2) Be aware of the meaning of our colors:
White = peace
Black = mourning
Red = Blood shed by our brothers.
3) All new hermanitos must be sworn in.
4) Any disobediance of our rules will be severely punished.
5) Every hermanito will live and fight for our Association ѥta so that we may live in peace and harmony.

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