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SkinheadsWe are the National CSI consulting and training specialist. We are a National and International consulting firm addressing timely issues. We specialize in Cultural Diversity, Violent Street Gangs, Domestic Terrorist, Youth Violence, Weapons on Campus, Bullying, Youth and community motivation.  We are often requested to address: community concerns. Our Clients are: Law Enforcement, Educators, Parole, Probation, Corrections, Community Organizations, Social Service Groups, Senior Citizens, Business Community, Concerned Youth, Faith-Based Organizations

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This information was posted to offer the public a resource concerning controversial and/or potentially unsafe groups and related subjects. The Rick A. Ross Institute (RI) does not necessarily endorse or support the views expressed. Some may find this material controversial. RI posts this information for the convenience of researchers.

Hate On Display

This page contains information The Rick A. Ross Institute has
gathered about Skinheads.




Before I began I would like to note that most skinheads in the U.S. are non violent and do not have a racist attitude. I'm speaking largely about SHARP Skins. Take the time to search the web on the history of SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice.  I will be focusing my attention on the 10% of the hate groups who are identified by:

Racist Attitude

Tattoos of hate or hateful leaders



The Skinhead movement began in the early 1970s in England, where gangs of menacing-looking, tattooed teenagers in combat boots started to hang out in the streets. Their original style of dress and behavior was meant to symbolize tough, patriotic, anti-immigrant, working-class attitudes. But slowly racist and neo-Nazi beliefs also started to become popular among many of these Skinhead groups. (Some << Skinheads>>  did not become racist, however, just as some are not today; in fact, some actively oppose racism.)

In the years that followed, the Skinhead movement began to spread from England to the rest of Europe and the United States. Today, racist << Skinheads>>  are active in 33 countries on 6 continents. The movement is especially strong in countries with high rates of immigration and unemployment. Its members almost always range in age from 13 to 25.

The Skinhead look is easily recognizable: a shaved head or very short hair; jeans; thin suspenders; combat boots or Doc Martens; a bomber jacket, sometimes with Nazi symbols sewn on; and tattoos of Nazi-like emblems. The average neo-Nazi gang ranges in size from fewer than ten to several dozen members. While their look is important to them, being a Skinhead is not just a way to dress - it is an entire way of life. The << Skinheads>>   glorify Adolf Hitler and dedicate themselves to fulfilling his dream of a world run by Aryan, or white, people.

The << Skinheads'>>  neo-Nazi ideology and gang lifestyle give them a sense of power, belonging, and superiority over others, often in troubled environments and at an age when they are trying to find their place in their world. It also creates an atmosphere in which violence is the norm. In the United States, << Skinheads>>  have demonstrated their willingness to attack or even kill for their cause: they are responsible for as many as 45 murders of racial minorities, homosexuals and even other << skinheads>> . Wherever their gangs have surfaced, hateful crimes have followed. The new young faces and raw energy of the << Skinheads>>   provide a boost to the organized hate movement in America.

Recent neo-Nazi Skinhead activity in Denver, including the murders of a policeman and a West African man, underscores the need for constant vigilance when dealing with extremist groups that espouse violence and racial hatred. The Denver situation demonstrates that << Skinheads>>  continue to pose a threat to communities in this country.

Neo-Nazi << Skinheads>>  have been responsible for at least 43 murders across the nation, most of which have occurred since 1990. A majority of their murder victims have been members of minority groups: Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians. Some deaths have resulted from in-group violence with << Skinheads>>  killing fellow gang members. << Skinheads>>  have also committed thousands of other crimes: beatings, stabbing, shootings, thefts, synagogue desecration's and other forms of mayhem and intimidation.

In recent years, the number of << Skinheads>>  in this country has remained static, ranging from 2,500 to 3,500 members in 40 states. There is no single national Skinhead organization in the United States. Instead, loosely linked networks of Skinhead gangs operate in scattered communities. Over the years, however, the << Skinheads>>  have tried to hook up with more organized racists and anti-Semites, including the Ku Klux Klan and old-line hate groups such as Aryan Nations, the Church of the Creator, and Tom Metzger's White Aryan Resistance (WAR). They have also begun to use the Internet to recruit youngsters and to spread their neo-Nazi propaganda. Those attracted to the movement are almost uniformly white youths between the ages of 13 and 25.
A sample of violent incidents involving neo-Nazi << Skinheads>>  over the last two years:

Two neo-Nazi Skinhead soldiers from Fort Bragg were convicted for the December 1995 murder of a Black couple in Fayetteville, NC

Two Skinhead brothers brutally murdered their mother and father in Allentown, PA in 1995.

A Skinhead in Dallas shot and permanently paralyzed a Black motorist in 1995.

A gang of << Skinheads>>  from Florida kidnapped a man on Long Island, NY and robbed and murdered him in 1995. When the << Skinheads>>  were captured, they were armed with assault rifles, a shotgun, and a pellet gun.

A Black musician was stabbed by a Skinhead in Ventura, CA as he and a white woman sat on a pier in 1995.

Despite their static numbers, the Skinhead propensity toward violence must be a priority concern of law enforcement and communities across the nation. The arrest and imprisonment of many of the original << Skinheads>>  involved in violent incidents over the past decade point up law enforcement's effectiveness in bearing down on violent Skinhead activity, inhibiting its growth and causing it to disappear in some communities. The Anti-Defamation League has asked the Justice Department to utilize its recently established regional US Attorney-led police community hate crimes task forces to vigorously investigate and prosecute violent hate groups.

White Power Group Links

American Resistance: A monthly white "patriot" magazine
Aryan Nations
British National Party:Yeah, the Brits have them too
Center for the Study of White American Culture
World Church of the Creator: This site has had problems remaining on the web due to recent violence associated with this organization, if you have problems reaching it please let me know
Combat 18-Englands Warriors
Hail the Order Bruder Schweigen
National Alliance Home Page
National Association for the Advancement of White People
Klu Klux Khan: Official Site of David Duke
Plunder and Pillage
Storm Front : A White Power resource page
Thule Publications: White Supremacist Literature
14 Word Press: A Press Agency for the White Power movement
White Aryan Resistance (WAR)
SiegHeil88 Homepage
The Oi! Boys
World Church of the Creator Women's Frontier
White Pride Network
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White Power Groups

Presented by: Juvenile Street Gangs


White power, Supreme white power, skinheads, and other groups of this type feed on the fear that anybody who is not white is going to deprive them of their just due. These groups have their own bible, "The White Man's Bible", and believe that white people are the true people of God.

Most of these people subscribe to the theory that the ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government) is trying to funnel everything that is good to the Jewish people. They believe that the ZOG is everything above county level, and sometimes even that is suspect. Any government employee is an agent of ZOG.

Significant Symbols

Listed below are a few of the symbols that White Power/National Socialist use.


14 = refers to the 14 words by David Lane and a motto of the white supremacist movement: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children"

88 = 8 stands for the eighth letter of the English alphabet (H). 88 stands for HH or Heil Hitler.

WOTAN = Will of the Aryan Nation

Click on the Image to Find Out About the Symbol
racist symbol - Celtic Cross racist symbol - Outlined Othala Rune racist symbol - Othala Rune racist symbol - Heavy Othala Rune racist symbol - Confederate Flag racist-symbol - Aryan or White Power Fist
prison tattoo -- Nazi Low Riders neo-nazi symbol - Nazi Flag neo-nazi symbol - Eagle on Swastika neo-nazi symbol - SS Lightning Bolts neo-nazi symbol - Death's Head neo-nazi symbol - Iron Cross with Swastika
neo-nazi symbol - Triskele skinhead symbol - Boots skinhead symbol - Hammerskins skinhead symbol - Hammerskin Logo skinhead symbol - Crucified Skinhead shikhead symbol - Skinhead Girl
skinhead symbol -- Skin Fist skinhead symbol -- War Skins group symbol -- American Front group symbol -- American Nazi Party group symbol -- Aryan Nations group symbol -- Hammerskins
group symbol -- Ku Klux Klan group symbol -- National Alliance group symbol -- NAAWP group symbol -- Crosstar group symbol -- National Socialist Movement group symbol - The Order
group symbol - Posse Comitatus group symbol -- Stormfront group symbol -- Posse Comitatus group symbol -- World Church of the Creator prison tattoo -- Elbow Web prison tattoo -- AB Clover
prison tattoo -- Aryan Brotherhood prison tattoo -- Black Guerilla Family Rock Against Communism Hangman's Noose Orion - KKK
White Revolution Blood & Honour Pitbull Fiery Cross Imperial German Flag Tyr Rune
valknot life rune crossed grenades Volksfront   Peckerwood
Swastika Variants Swastika Variants Swastika Variants Swastika Variants Swastika Variants Swastika Variants
Swastika Variants Swastika Variants Swastika Variants Swastika Variants Swastika Variants  
Group Symbol__Skrewdriver Sturmabteilung Fourth Reich Phineas Priest Wolfsangel Vinlanders



From Russia with hate
São Paulo skinheads critically injure one in apparent gay bashing
Russian white supremacists murder student
Skinheads battered two Tajiks and threw them off a commuter train near Moscow
Spreading Web of Intolerance
Eleven hurt, four seriously, as knife-wielding skinhead rampages through Moscow synagogue
Ex-skinhead seeks path of redemption
Rabbi's Son Nabs Slasher in Synagogue
Cops: 2 skinheads sought bomb
Russian Youths Get up to 19 Years in Jail for Racist Murders
Russian Skinheads Most Numerous in World
Skinheads face new trials for promoting hatred
Skinheads beat unmercifully American diplomat in Kiev
Two Saratov skinheads sentenced to
13 years for murder

Russian skinheads lose massive fight to Asian men in Moscow metro
Violence and hatred in Russia's new skinhead playground
Skinheads beat up Latinos at bar
Simi Youth Is Found Guilty of Hate Crime
Assault probed as hate crime
Nevada high court orders new sentencing for skinhead
Police probe alleged skinhead attack
Moscow Police Has Hands Full With Hundreds of Skinheads, Psychos
Young men become skinheads following their friends' example
Skinheads who attacked kids sued in federal court
Skinheads arrested for desecration
Skinheads' Boast
Skinheads fight their 'holy war'
Skinheads Trash Jewish Center in Central Russian City
Skinheads Torch 10-year Old in North Russia
Skinhead vs. Skinhead in Anti-Racist Fight
Moscow 'skinheads' kill Afghan
Skinheads Get Mild Sentences
Skinhead's arrest nets weapons, drugs
Skinhead group banned after raids in Bavaria
Skinhead Group Ringleader Gets Sentenced
Skinhead Sentenced For Fox Lake Hate Crime
Skinheads Held Over Murder
Alleged skinheads in court
Two suspects supremacists, watchdogs say
Ex-racist 'skinhead' tells gripping story of hatred and redemption
Czech Skinheads Get Prison Sentence
Skinheads booked for fascist offences
Skinhead released from prison
Fugitive NYC Skinhead Found Dead In Mexico
Counterfeit Checks Used to Spring Skinhead
Skinhead arrested in Canada slaying
Skinhead Pleads Guilty in Marijuana Case
Skinheads in Cedar City
Supremacists get maximum prison terms in hate crime
Canada rejects father over skinhead friends
6 skinheads convicted in park attack
Skinhead witness has no use for minorities
Former skinhead describes patrols
Three Skinheads Are Sentenced
No way out
Reno-area skinheads sentenced for attempted firebombing of temple
Roten sentenced to 3 life terms
Accused Bombers Choose Prison Over Trial
Four indicted after attack on black man
Skinhead on trial describes the beating death of a gay man
Nevada man is gripped with sorrow as skinheads celebrate son's slaying
Hundreds of skinheads march in east German city
Skinhead convicted in bus stop slaying of black immigrant
Skinheads in the Military


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