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Specializing in Domestic Terrorism


823 W. Park Avenue, Suite 161

Ocean, NJ 07712

(732) 922-4525 or (732) 922-4514


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Why Choose Us?We are the National CSI consulting and training specialist. We are a National and International consulting firm addressing timely issues. We specialize in Cultural Diversity, Violent Street Gangs, Domestic Terrorist, Youth Violence, Weapons on Campus, Bullying, Youth and community motivation.  We are often requested to address: community concerns. Our Clients are: Law Enforcement, Educators, Parole, Probation, Corrections, Community Organizations, Social Service Groups, Senior Citizens, Business Community, Concerned Youth, Faith-Based Organizations

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We believe that you are not here by accident and we are grateful for your visit. The question is why choose us over other gang and youth violence authorities? What do we offer that they do not? This is a reasonable question, worthy of an answer. We:  

羚nt>        Stress true collaboration with other organizations and individuals

羚nt>        Address concerns and denial

羚nt>        Make ourselves and others accountable

羚nt>        Address community perception

羚nt>        Listen

羚nt>        Are sensitive to the needs of the community

羚nt>        Conduct emergency assessments

羚nt>        Are confidential about what we do and say

羚nt>        Deal directly with male and female gang members

羚nt>        Have a history of dealing directly with gangs and the gang leadership

羚nt>        Provide one on one coaching

羚nt>        Track gangs nationally and maintain an active database of over 7,000 gangs

羚nt>        Have a track record of providing timely training and information

羚nt>        Provide family support during crisis

羚nt>        Build trust

羚nt>        Provide Presentations and Training

羚nt>        Do Graffiti Analysis

.   Track over 3,500 gangs

羚nt>        We provide Communication Decoding

羚nt>        Respond to Questions and Concerns

羚nt>        Identify Local Resources

羚nt>        Understand the people, the conditions and why the conditions exist

羚nt>        Help to build bridges of understanding between the community and law enforcement

羚nt>        Work with the media and other agencies

羚nt>        Attempt to assist in finding employment for those in need (juveniles and adults)

羚nt>        Emphasized Cultural Pride

羚nt>        Help to fill gaps in services

羚nt>        Look for gang affiliation

羚nt>        We read the street graffiti (the street newspaper)

We keep up to date on timely issues

Contact Information

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at the below number. Also feel free to leave a detailed message.

(732) 922-4525 or  (732) 889-6670
(732) 922-4514
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823 West Park Avenuem, Suite 161, Ocean, New Jersey 07712
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